Seoul, South Korea

Greetings from Korea!

This is the first time I sit down to really process what has been going on the past 5 days since I arrived in Seoul. After spending what seemed like eternity on the plane, I arrived to Korea excited and this excitement still hasn't worn off. Everything is new, from the food to the people, the smells, the subway (!), even the language. Seoul is like nothing I have ever experienced. The city is clean, fast paced, fashionable (oh so fashionable!), and gorgeous. I have a feeling the next month and a half will go by too quickly. Today was my first day of class and internship and it was stressful but went very well. I haven't taken many pictures these past couple of days, but I hope to post more very soon. The picture above is in Hongdae...I loved it there! The shopping and food is amazing, even the street performances are something I have never seen before!

This next picture is in Itaewon, where I tried my first Korean dumplings (shrimp mandu). It was amazing!!!! I have tried it a couple more times since this day, but nothing has beat this little restaurant we found. The ajumma was so kind and friendly, I'll definitely remember her! I wish I would have asked her name, although a friend told me it is rude to ask an elder for their name in Korean culture. Age, however, is not a big deal to ask. I have so much to learn!

That's all I have to say at the moment...stay tuned for more pictures of Korea in the near future!


Peace & love,